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The Theatre Royal, Tasmania Performs and Ten Days as part of the Tasmanian International Arts Festival have joined forces to support an exciting program of independent Tasmanian theatre at the Theatre Royal Backspace.

Each night something different, something exciting, something a bit rough around the edges, something you’ve never seen before!

Featuring new works Fall, The Elle Project and Episode 1 – The Pit, this is theatre that’s raw, edgy, and as new as it gets.

Get it while it’s fresh, see it when it starts, be there at the beginning!




Presented by Second Echo Ensemble

DATE: Thursday 26 March
DURATION: 40 minutes + artist Q&A
PATRONS’ ADVICE: Suitable for all ages

Second Echo Ensemble presents a creative exploration in development. Physically and conceptually we investigate the idea of fall; a descent, a season, the inevitable liminal place between each step forward. Witness the experience of falling and the diversity of our humanity as we celebrate moving and being moved.

“Second Echo Ensemble don’t make performances about having a disability or not having a disability- we make work about life”.

This project has been made possible by generous support from Tasmanian Theatre Company, Tasmanian Regional Arts, Tasmanian Community Fund and Arts Tasmania.



The Elle Project

Presented by Jeff Michel

DATE: Fri 27 & Sat 28 March
DURATION: 40 minutes
PATRONS’ ADVICE: Recommended for 13 years +
Some course language, sexual references, described violence.

For years Jeff has packaged his life up into the idealised world of cinema, he now unpacks his American adolescence from a bicycle full of surprises. His trip down a teenaged, suburban, memory lane takes turn after turn until he comes face to face with a few memories which he would rather have lost on the cutting room floor.

How do we cope when the film of our life is not the one we want to go and see?

The Elle Project incorporates physical theatre, clown, storytelling, puppetry and singing. It’s in full colour with a sound track suitable for the silver screen.

This project has been made possible by generous support from the 2013 Tasmania Performs Artist Residency, the Cowshed, Blue Cow Theatre Inc.’s playwright development program and the Musical Theatre Crew.


Episode 1 – The Pit

Presented by Radio Gothic

DATE: Fri 27 & Sat 28 March
DURATION: 25 minutes
PATRONS’ ADVICE: Recommended for 15 years + strong language, sexual references, violence.

Radio Gothic has developed a series of creepy tales, written by Tasmanian playwrights through a collaborative process with the performers and sound designer.

These half-hour episodes will first be presented live, in an experimental mix of radio play and theatre. They will be recorded and made available as podcasts.

Here’s your chance to experience Episode 1, The Pit, written by Briony Kidd.

This project has been made possible by generous support from Salamanca Arts Centre, HyPe Program, Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Tasmania.