Hilariously quirky circus show with death-defying feats born from wild imagination…

Incredible stunts are woven into a gentle story about a slightly eccentric girl and her rather unusual pet… a squid, played by a 6ft male contortionist who lives in the bath!

A young woman (who has an unusual relationship to glass) works in a science lab experimenting on sea creatures. Finding the work cruel, she rescues a squid and takes it home to live in her bathtub. Despite her best efforts to make him feel at home, eventually she is faced with the age-old problem of… ‘If you love something, then set it free.’

Created By: Bridget Nicklason-King, Samora Clark & Mathew Oaks
Outside Eye: Azaria Universe
Designer: Rachel Lang


November 25 – December 13, 2008
Queenstown, Stanley, Deloraine, Scottsdale, Bothwell, St Mary’s, Swansea, Bicheno, Nuebena, Franklin, Brighton, Kettering.

A Girl and her Squid FLYER
A Girl and her Squid PROGRAM
A Girl and her Squid POSTER

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