Again in 2019, Tasmania Performs is providing the popular Matchbox program, a creative business development workshop that helps Tasmanian artists improve their sales pitch.

Over one weekend, the Matchbox program will empower you to visualise your creative project on paper and through an online medium. You will learn how to apply proven advertising and marketing principles that include:

● Developing a powerful blurb about your project
● Identifying and understanding your target audience
● Defining your central message and points of difference
● Applying creative methods to visualise your project
● Applying your personal brand to your creative project
● Getting access to free online tools (graphic design, website-builders and more)

Dates: 2020 TBC

If you are interested in the next Matchbox opportunity and wish to be directly contacted when dates are set please email

When EOI’s are called you are asked to provide a 150 word artist bio plus up to 100 words on the project idea you would like to focus on during the workshop. The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete if you have this information ready.

*Note: Whilst the program is  subsidised by Tasmania Performs, each successful applicant will be required to pay a deposit of $100 to secure their spot of which $50 is fully refundable after attendance at the workshop and completion of the debrief survey.

Up to ten places will be available and first preference is given to artists working in performance based mediums or projects with a performance element.


It truly is an excellent program. The time-frame is good and provides precious focused time to delve into the artist’s needs. The group felt like my committee and they essentially gave me permission to run with my ideas and aspirations which i was too fearful to begin. Donovan is pure gold and I hope many artist get the chance to work with him. He took the time to understand our work and then nudged us in the right direction. The posters are the best activity. I am so proud of mine and I could see it in everyone too. Sense of achievement. This workshop has really grounded my ideas and direction and now I can hit the floor running. Inspired, motivated and responsible for my art practice.
~ Laura Purcell

I learnt why personal branding is important, that you need to learn to talk about what you do and how to describe the essence of a project in a relevant way.  The workshop was very supportive, useful and practical.  I was able to put the ideas into practice immediately. Highly recommend!
~ Rachel Meyers

A great way to clarify what makes you tick and to discover what others see in you that perhaps you have not realised.  I now have a clearer sense of my own brand, of what I have to offer and what motivates me.
~ Andy Vagg